charlotte han

Technologist | Keynote Speaker | AI Evangelist



I am passionate about building AI products for the public good, and helping people understand how artificial intelligence will change how we live and work.

design AI with humans in mind

Data is my compass. A better future for all is my destination.

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I can help you:

Understand what is AI, machine learning and deep learning

We use AI, machine learning and deep learning interchangeably. AI (artificial intelligence) is an umbrella term for the field of study that focuses on using computers to solve problems that require human-level intelligence. Machine Learning is an approach to AI, and Deep Learning is a subset of Machine Learning.

Research, form hypothesis, plan, build, and release

Once the team has a common understanding of what artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning can do, it’s time to apply the knowledge in customer and market research around problems the current technology can solve, and proceed with product design and build, and iterate as we go.

Design AI products addressing customers’ needs

What makes a good product? It keeps users coming back, because it captivates them, solves their problems, and delights them. You also need AI products to work smart, to take advantage of available data, to learn about and improve on the past performance. Map out where you’re headed before hitting the road.


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