What is artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning? Why does it matter to humans and industries, and will robots take our jobs? Why is it that we can't rely only on the experts, data scientists and machine learning engineers to build the perfect AI products, and expect them to solve the bias in AI issues? How do we ensure that we're building AI for good?

I measure reach, engagement, conversion and ROI of marketing campaigns. I gather, report and analyze marketing and competitive data from paid, owned and earned channels and provide actionable insights. As a result, I deliver growth, revenue and profit opportunities in line with your top business objectives. 


You'll make data-driven decisions and increase leads, conversions and sales with confidence.

Everything is moving toward data: website traffic, social media data, mobile data, campaign performance data, competitor data, and even customer data. Data is coming in various channels and it seems siloed. Having to figure out what what does it all mean is one of the biggest pains marketers  and business owners face nowadays.

The ability to manage successful campaigns will require strong data analysis and technological capabilities. As your competition becomes more sophisticated, your ability to keep up will be directly helped or hindered by your data capabilities.

will work with you and your team to capture data and put it into perspective to help you make smart business decisions that are backed by solid research and data.


  • Gain clear understanding of your business objectives

  • Translate business objectives into SMART marketing goals (Specific,Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Bound)

  • Analyze current campaign effectiveness; determine what's working and what's not

  • Create focused social media strategy and content plans

  • Set campaign target and KPI; choose corresponding metrics

  • Implement campaign tracking to ensure data capture

  • Measure campaign results against your objectives at regular intervals; identify optimization opportunities

  • Deliver reports, dashboards and actionable insights