For Europe to Lead in AI, We Must Open Up Our Data

I have a smart scale which gives me great information of my weight, BMI, body fat… etc, but it was probably manufactured somewhere in Asia where the beauty standard is different, because it thinks I’m fat. You be the judge: I am female, 161cm and 55.7 kg. I would like to argue there is bias in the data the manufacture used: they probably did not have weight data of the rest of the world.

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Charlotte HanComment
Is Facebook Marketing Dead?

I’ve heard from people over and over that they are starting to have doubts about Facebook marketing. It was hard enough to get people to like their pages in the first place, and after they had worked so hard to earn fans, Facebook changed the algorithm so fan page updates were no longer showing up in their followers’ newsfeed, unless they paid to play.

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Social media has transformed marketing from one-way monologs to a conversational model. The term of “content marketing” has been buzzing for a while, but what does it really entail? Creating blogs, videos, e-books, infographic and white papers with thought-leadership content is only part of the equation. You also need to make sure the content supply chain and distribution channels are running smoothly, ready for market feedback. Do it right and you will be able to measure the ROI of content marketing because it should convert leads into sales.

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