She sleepwalks at night.

Studies show that this behavior in most cases stops before people reach the age of thirteen, but hers never did. And unlike other cases who just walk around in the room, perform simple tasks like opening the window and “looking” out or trying to jump, she performs more difficult ones like opening the door of her house, walking out, and coming back. She never hurts herself doing this, strangely, though she sometimes finds herself wake up in a weird position on the floor, facing up, with one of her legs on the bed, like she had tried to get into her bed, but in vain. Of course, she wonders why, but does not remember a thing because sleepwalkers never remember what they see or do the previous night. She lives alone, and when she wanders in the alleys unconsciously at three a.m., every one is sound asleep already, so her occasional walks bother no one. 

Little does she know that there is a man about her age who also sleepwalks at night and lives in the same alley. He lives on the first floor, like she does, and he also opens his door at around three to walk around, like some mysterious force is dragging him. 

They sometimes see each other in the morning when she hurries to the bus stop and passes him walking to his car, but they don’t know each other, because people in the city usually don’t know their neighbors. They lead separate lives that have absolutely nothing to do with each other's.

But one night, under the full moon, they finally “meet”. No one knows what they see, in their eyes that are wide-open, but empty. In the silver moonlight, in their pajamas, she reaches out, and he reaches out. They hug. They smell each other and sigh with satisfaction. Do they feel they belong? It seems like so. Their secret dates go on every full moon. They are so secret that no one in the whole world knows about them. They always find themselves waking up comfortably in bed the next morning with a smile. But they don’t know why. 

That’s why it’s a pity that they don’t even recognize each other in daytime, both wondering why their boyfriends and girlfriends never work out and why they feel something is missing in their love lives, even though they can’t pinpoint what exactly they are looking for. 
One morning after twelve full moons, she runs to the bus stop as usual, but this time her Gucci shoe gets stuck in the sidewalk, and she trips over by his car, just when he is getting into it. He helps her get up, asking, “Are you okay?” when something strikes him. There is something familiar about her. What is it? Is it the fragrance she gives out? He doesn’t know her, but it feels like he does. And she looks so cute with her face blushing.

She likes his smell and his knightly manners. And maybe that’s why they hit it off so quickly. Six months later, they get married, and live happily ever after. They tell every one it’s the perfect example of “love at the first sight”. Now they sleep in each other’s arms, where they belong, and dream loving dreams together. They never sleepwalk again.